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Haigh's Chocolates Visitors Centre - Can chocolate be good for you?

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Haigh's Chocolates Visitors Centre - Can chocolate be good for you?


The paper highlights the report about chocolate and its importance for the good health. The Haigh's Chocolates Visitors Centre is basically researching about the eating habits of chocolate and focusing on those people of society who are diet conscious. Chocolate is a delighted mouth watering sweet that usually creates the concept of fattening. The objective of this report is to describe the benefits of chocolate and eradicate the perception of diet conscious people. The recent study suggests that consumption of chocolate can help you out to stay thin. The research of California-San Diego's University discovered that people who often consume chocolate contain lower body-mass indexes than people who don't.


The research of Haigh's Chocolates Visitors Centre contains both primary and secondary research tools. Initially, they conducted direct interviews with dieticians and nutritionists, and collected data of those people who ignore eating chocolate from the fear of getting fat. The information was further purified by conducting interviews with individuals buying chocolates at various shops. This research method really helped out to be acknowledged about the common perception of chocolate. The company started supplying samples of chocolates in different departmental stores from where people can taste and also comment on its quality. Questionnaires were also distributed among different health and medical universities, and also conducted interviews with medical specialists. These methods were employed to get proper conception about chocolates and helped out the company to improve their quality. It will also focus on targeting the market of health conscious people. The company also used reliable and authentic secondary sources of journals and articles on the benefits of chocolates, which further cleared helped out to bring the great results.


After the compilation of primary and secondary reliable sources, it presents the foremost results which can be described in the following manner. The evidences had from the research explained that chocolate can prevent heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. The Swedish study discovered that consuming chocolate more than 45 grams per week contributes 20% reduction in stroke risk among women. It contains flavonoids whose properties aid to fight against strokes. It is also revealed that chocolate reduces the occurrence of heart attack. The secondary research showed that eating chocolates can prevent from blood clotting, which results in reducing the high risks of heart attacks. The research at Harvard University studied that those who eat small amount of chocolate up to three times a month lasted almost a year longer than those who do not really eat any (Nicky, 2000). It is resolved that cocoa holds antioxidants known as polyphenols, which is also found in red wine that keep the oxidation of destructive cholesterol. These Antioxidants are also known to stop the occurrence of cancer.

The research also found that chocolate is good for relieving the stress because it contains certain valeric acid that works as a ...
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