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A strategy is actually the plan or approach, thus, it relates to the entire planning for the proper management for the process. the strategic planning basically allows the organization for setting out the daily activities for the project or business. It leads to provide the comprehensive overview regarding what you do and where you go. The strategic planning brings out the clarity for what the organization wants and how they get there in compared with the plan of action that affects their daily activity.

The elements of the strategic planning are the most important and successful companies that are considered to be important from the less successful. Thus, the operational planning elements are taken as important and significant factor, moreover the success of the context strategic planning behaviour is more pronounced. The major key factor for such strategic planning is the consistent implementation that leads towards the success.

About The Company is the company of e-commerce with the United States headquarters in the Seattle, in the state of Washington. Therefore, Amazon is being regarded as one of the leading companies in selling goods thorough Internet and its major symbol for the Internet bubble in the end of the 1990s. However, very soon after the bubble burst, the company had to face, Amazon had to face the skepticism towards the business model, where as in the year 2003, for the first time it reached towards the gain on annual basis. The company also owns Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Alexa Internet and

Amazon was basically founded in 1994, under the name of by Jeff Bezos and it was being launched in the year 1995. It was seen that Amazon in the beginning worked as the online library, but in the short period of time it widen its range of the products and sold to video games, CD music, toys, electronics DVD, apparel, food and the furniture with several other products. After that the company looked for other strategies that enter into United Kingdom, China, Italy, Spain and Germany as well as it ships its product all around the globe. Amazon leads to offer a web service accessing it catalog and also the integration with the retailers such as Mark & Spencer, and Target offering the service for search engine directly on the website of provides the web services for managing stores of the local lines so they only think about the corporate side, such type of the services are already having some companies including Sears Canada, Bombay Company, Marks & Spencer, Target Corporation and the NBA (

Mission & Goals of the Company

The mission and goals of the company can be seen in the light of annual report that is being published each year for the stakeholders, staff members, shareholders and customers etc. thus, several tactics and strategies has been used by the company like Amazon try hard to take up different elements all together in the same enterprise.

Long Term Approach

It is a fact that whenever the ...
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