American History Midterm Exam

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American History Midterm exam

American History Midterm exam

Question 1

1. George III

King George III was the king of Great Britain from 1760 to 1820. It was during his reign that Britain lost its American colonies in the American War of Independence and United States became an independent state.

2. The Missouri Compromise

The years 1820-1821 saw the Missouri compromise which was passed to regulate and balance the slave territories in the United States. This was used as a compromise between states that were in favor and those that were against slavery.

3. The Confederate States of America (CSA)

This was the government set up by 11 Southern states of America from 1861-1865 after they withdrew or seceded from the United States government. The US refused to recognize this new government and American Civil War took place. Later the states were readmitted to the Union.

4. The Mexican American War

The war that was fought between the two neighboring states from 1846 to 1848 over the annexation of Texas is referred to as the Mexican America War. The conflict saw Mexico lose the territory from Texas to California.

5. The Revolution of 1800

The Revolution of 1800 is what Jefferson, the then elected President referred to, to the peaceful shifting of power from one political party to another. He called it revolutionary because he believed that like this win, change can also be brought without war.

Question 2

The American Revolution is considered and regarded as a major revolution by the founding fathers of America. But there has been a lot of criticism to the authenticity of the nature of it. This means that it is usually considered as an overstatement since no considerable or momentous change was brought because of the Revolution. Historians have casted doubts over the claims made on the nature of revolution that was ...