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Case of Burglaries

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Case of Burglaries


The case presents the sudden increase in burglary cases in a particular neighborhood. Patrolling in charge Lt. Johnson takes keen interest in the situation posed and finds that all burglaries are reported after the victims come back home. Meanwhile, students miss school and are found creating trouble at the shopping mall. The situation suggests that there might be a link between students at the mall and the increasing number of burglaries. Hence, he thinks of changing his strategy for solving this case.

How might Lt. Johnson address the burglary problem more effectively?

Lt. Johnson should first study the burglary reports filed by all the people in the neighborhood. Since all burglaries are reported after the victims come back home, it is evident that these burglaries are taking place while no one is home. Hence, other than the patrolling officer, general level of security should be increased. An officer or a guard should be asked to keep a keen look at each house and observe any person coming and going out of the neighborhood. Any suspicious man should be investigated and let in only upon satisfaction. If Lt. Johnson decides on a problem solving approach, who should he include in his group of problem solvers? Be creative.

Lt. Johnson should include the afternoon patrol supervisor, patrolling officers for the shift, the investigations supervisor and the school principal. Stalking the children might help in finding out the real culprits behind the burglaries and the increase in crime committed in the neighborhood. Investigating the kids can also help as these are school kids and will not be shrewd enough to hide any sign of crime from the police.

Can you suggest how inviting the high school principal, owner of the local arcade, and residents ...
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