An Introduction To Bible Doctrine By Wayne Grudem

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An Introduction to Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem

An Introduction to Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem


Theology Method

Proper understanding of Christian is very important for understanding the dynamic nature of Christian theology. Christian theology is the refection of life of god and beliefs. Christians share as followers of Jesus. Theology is devoted to reflexion on religion, life and faith; moreover, it is a passionate intellectual participation and engagement in life. engagement in religion is interwoven with culture and everyday-life, connects to the encounter with reality in general due to religion being a multidimensional phenomenon, encompassing cognition and emotion, theology has an inborn inclination to the experiential side of religion(Spectrummagazine, 2012).

Christian theology follows a twofold practical interest: in its analytical endeavor it tries to reconstruct praxis, and in its formative attempt it tries to give way to experiences in line with the freedom of the gospel (, 2012).

Practical Theology

Practical theology is based on implication of theology in everyday life.

First: It has always been and still is essential for Practical Theology to relate to practice and religious life within congregations, though it does not simply affirm or double, what is going on there.

Second: Practical Theology makes use of scientific models, concepts and methods developed to study religion in order to participate in academic research in general, though it has its own interest in relation to and difference from social sciences.

Third: Practical Theology participates in overall theological reflection on faith, culture and life. However, it does so in a bottom-up way, starting with praxis in order to confront the imperialism of idealistic constructs of a “pure faith” with reality and lived life and in order to contribute to responsible practice of religion in the midst of everyday life (, 2011).


The Bible Doctrines are the Regulations, the Principles on the truth of God. God desires that man (male and female) respects its laws, doctrines, on various subjects. Doctrine and the word means a set of beliefs or religious views professed a religion. But in the Bible, there are many doctrines that God wants Christians, which respects its people.

Many theologist work on these doctrines and present these doctrines with proper explanations. Doctrine gives us the guide lines, which are given by God and these are very helpful in our life and how to save ourselves from sins. After salvation, it is mandatory for read Doctrine of Bible (, 2012).An Exploration of Christian Theology by Donald Thorsen

Don Thorsen is theologist. He has done PhD and M.Phil in theological and religious Studies from Drew University. He has completed Bachelors in Religious Studies from Stanford University. He has been teaching for last years. Now, he is chairperson of Don Thorsen is chair of the Department of Advanced Studies and professor of theology at Haggard School of Theology. He has written many books on theology including an exploratory Christian Theology

New students of theology always confused in Christian history and tradition. An exploration o Christian theology has opened the knots of the theology by the entire Christian tradition in ...
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