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Personal Statement And Need Analysis

[Institute's Name]Personal Statement And Need Analysis


Every individual in the existing world seeks constant growth and development. However, the previously mentioned statement is rather easier said than done. Bearing in mind the prime connotations that are associated with the modern world, pertaining to the stiff competition that it entails, the countless opportunities that it renders and the resources that are imperative to capitalise on those opportunities and beat the competition to attain your desired objective and goal, a naive yet cognitive mind is coerced to bring itself to a position, where it desires to assimilate and comprehend its current position, the skills, values and experiences it endorses and most of all the capability of capitalizing on those opportunity by utilizing the given resources.

This proposal undertakes the endeavour to assess a complete need analysis, based on my personal requirements, as well as the requirements of the institute I wish to enhance my skills at. However, before I denote the need analysis, it is imperative that certain sections are taken into account for rendering a rather extensive and absorbing comprehension regarding my skills, experiences and foreseen objectives and aims. For this matter, this initial section of the portfolio will comprise of my personal experiences, achievements, needs, and their assessment against the needs of the institute, certain national and other policies, as well as the evidence which may support the proposal and the future focus.

Self Review And Needs Assessment

At the outset, I believe that rendering substantial information about me, and the experience as well as the skills that I possess is equally information, for depicting a clear picture of my position against the goals that I have foreseen for myself. There are numerous aspects in a person, in which he or she takes immense pride, I take that in my adherence to my commitments. I have the quality of astutely coupling my skills and knowledge with the aspects of sheer hard work, responsiveness and determination. The imbedded drive and thrust in me towards constant betterment and progress, makes me stand to a position for contesting as the Teacher of Mathematics. My aim is not only confined till the articulation of the lesson, on the contrary I am determined to inculcate and impart the basic and augment knowledge in students, regarding the respective subject matter, and equip them with the ever increased knowledge and key learning. What propels my drive is the foundation of the standards that I not only set for my students, but also for myself, that would be imperative in propelling us all towards the unified goal of constant better understanding and achievements.

It is imperative that the inculcation of the relevant knowledge is not confined only till the texts books, but must go beyond the conventional means and introduce relevant tolls for empowering the students with the desired skills and knowledge; where others believe that this measure is necessary, I go a step ahead by practically implementing it.

Shedding some light over my ...
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