Analysis Of Hybrid Cars In United Kingdom

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Analysis of Hybrid Cars in United Kingdom



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Data Sources and Research Limitations1

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Data Sources and Research Limitations

The concept of methodology for research study is an important and imperative for the whole research study as it reflects the basis for the entire study that is related to the hybrid car sales for the UK with reference to government offered incentives, external influences on consumer demand, heterogeneity of hybrid models in the UK market and consumers' interest regarding the fuel efficiency and speed of hybrid cars in United Kingdom. Designing the appropriate research methodology is complicated, but it is necessary and fundamental because it determines the degree the significance and also the validity of the results of research; as any omission and mistakes can direct to the wrong direction and as a consequence adopting the incorrect statistical tools and techniques which can affect the results of the analysis of hybrid cars in United Kingdom.

This research also based upon the qualitative study as it mainly involves literature review related to the analysis of hybrid cars. Number of secondary sources will be employed including journals, articles, internet publications, books, etc. On the other hand, the data has been gathered mainly from the articles and journals (Creswell, 2005, 19-48). Secondary sources entail all that can be categorized as non human. For that reason, no human subjects will be involved ...