Analyze A Web Page

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Analyze a Web Page

Analyze a Web Page


A document can access through the internet or any other browser of the internet normally written in HTML (Hyper text Markup Language). The webpage can be access through by entering the address called URL. It may contain hyperlinks, graphics and text. The website is normally the collection of different web pages use to analyze the particular theme or subject area. The webpage is full screen representation of external links and the information provided on the web pages are mostly on the HTML document.


Analyzing the webpage

There are many websites and different web pages like human service organizations like hospitals, universities, schools, and other official websites of different companies. The companies use different web pages to display information about the company. The company should give all the necessary information about the company. The company should display the contact details, product special features, and the features of different especial products. Most of the hospitals web pages use to display the timings of the doctors and other medical staff, the medicines available in the store, and the contact details of the hospital.

The webpage of Widener University has decent cover page and the information present on the website is totally for human assistance. The tabs of the website are of decent or nice color. The webpage use java applications to present the product in the meaningful form. The websites of the universities should display necessary information about the student's results, their marks in sectionals and other important details.

Features of the Website

The Website of Widener University allows seeing the necessary information about the web page. The detail of the website or the web page usually uses the HTML document. There are certain tabs on the main page. The tabs further contain information about the university. It ...