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Andrew Breitbart


Andrew Breitbart was considered as one of the one of the most controversial figures in American journalism, considered the spokesman of the ideas of the Tea Party. The fact needs to be kept in mind that Andrew Breitbart did not enjoy as good reputation like his counterparts. However, despite of all the criticism he drove towards himself the fact cannot be denied that he had a magnetic personality for anyone who approached him. Sudden unexplained death weakened a little more the aura of the Tea Party movement that reappeared in the United States of America. Moreover, the fact should not be ignored that Tea Party Movement is a political movement inculcating American elitist of right policy focused on fiscally conservative, and as defined by originalism, i. e, the return to the philosophical origins Constitution of the United States.

Despite its general alignment right, the political ideology of the adherents of Tea Party is not uniform. In it converge different ideologies, philosophies, especially conservative and libertarian liberalism, and can be found within the same movement from members nationalist and religious ideas to other liberal and individualistic (Burghart & Leonard, p.34). The Tea Party has gained visibility due to a series of protests that have occurred since the beginning of 2009.The movement began in the early months of 2009 in response to the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 Emergency, signed on 3 October of that year by President George W. Bush, and the fiscal stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 U.S., signed on 17 February by President Barrack Obama. The movement began to take shape of dissent and protest against taxes, the bank bailout and the internal and external spending, which began to occur around the 2008 elections and subsequent revelations of bonuses paid to executives at AIG . The protesters also use social networks, among them Facebook, Twitter and My Space and blogs on media centre and conservatives to promote their events. They also oppose the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Health Care, the public health care reform President Obama.

The name "Tea Party" movement refers to the anti-colonial in the late eighteenth century called Mutiny of tea or Boston (Boston Tea Party"), protesting the approval of taxes on tea without representation in British Parliament. Members of the Tea Party rallies have tried to evoke these old gear using images, slogans and themes of this period of American history. In the primary election by the Republican Party, the September 15, 2010, overcame many of the candidates endorsed by the Tea Party shook the traditional party structure. In the U.S. election 2010 Tea Party pushed through in Congress, winning seats figures like Paul Rand and Marco Rubio two of the stars of the movement. Thus, in the context of the paper we intend to analyze some of the works by Andrew Breitbart in order to develop an effective and efficient understanding of the subject.


Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World

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