“annotated Bibliography - Money Politics And Influences”

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“Annotated Bibliography - Money Politics and Influences”

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According to the author, the political parties faced with a vicious cycle of escalating costs of campaigning, negligible membership income, and deepening public mistrust about the invidious (unacceptable) role of money in politics, are under increasing pressure. The article expresses concerns that regardless of income levels, the unregulated flow of money into the political process has become number one threat to fair and free elections. It further continues to elaborate that the presidential candidates are expected to submit accounts for campaign finances to the Electoral Commission in terms of keeping a record of all funds they received as well as an accounting of the public resources and other facilities used during campaigns.

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The writer emphasis that transparency is something people should be able to do. People should be able to compel PACs to reveal their coffers, and to say where all that money is coming from. The writer further stressed that people should be able to access information about political contributions when they come in such large amounts of money. This is normally the case in almost all the cases with regards to the political campaigns. In addition to this, they should know who is paying for which advertisements, and what their agendas are. People should know which corporations bought radio, print, television advertising as it might not solve the larger problem, but it might create some breathing room and a fighting chance at more fair and honest elections.

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The article very thoroughly identifies that the campaign focus is on changing voters' minds, or convincing potential voters to actually turn out. The article further explains that it is essential to note that in either case, voters are operating under free will and are able to choose without coercion. The work expresses that people are free to vote according to the dictates of their conscience. This is normally the case in almost all the cases with regards to the political campaigns. The fact that campaigns and elections within democracies serve to legitimize the rulers that emerge from them can also be cynically used by essentially nondemocratic regimes in an attempt at legitimacy.

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In his work, the writer in a very well written manner discusses that campaigns and elections form a unique means of selecting leaders. He further goes on to express that in other realms, such as business, academics, or even nonelected government employment, leaders are selected based on experience, skills, interpersonal contacts, and other qualifications. In democracies, however, people select leaders according to far different criteria. This is normally the case in almost all the cases with regards to the political campaigns. The article further includes that the candidates must appeal to wide swaths of the population. In addition to this, the voters may have little or no firsthand knowledge of the candidate and may not even understand in much detail what skills or qualifications are truly necessary for the position.

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The work of the author revolves around the ...
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