Aplplication And Integration Of Aacn

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Application and integration of AACN

Application and integration AACN synergy care model


The core aim and objective of a health care setting is to provide quality services to the patients. In order to fulfill this objective different members of the health care settings participate and contribute their part. Nurses are one of the most integral parts of a health care setting's resources that aid a health care setting to achieve the objective of providing high quality services. When nurses deal with different sorts of patients and see different sorts of cases they are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and un-comfortableness. Physical and mental well being of nurses is vital for them to perform their core task of taking care of their patients. Any disruption in their physical and mental well being can also disrupt them in performing their duties. To deal with this dilemma there are several models that help nurses to develop and practice such skills that help them to perform their duties in a best possible way. One such model is AACN American Association of critical-care nurse synergy care model. In this paper I would be discussing functioning, implementation and integration of this model. These different professional models provide a complete and absolute framework through which nurses can practice and improve their skills.

About AACN synergy care model

AACN synergy care model is a professional model that trains nurses. It describes few characteristics of patients and few competencies of nurses. This model links practice and outcomes. The idea behind this framework is that synergy occurs when the characteristics of patients matches the competencies of nurses. The nub of this framework is that it is the patient or different characteristics of a patient that influence the competencies of a nurse. This model is basically driven from the philosophy that it is the patient that drives desired competencies in nurse, then after developing these desired competencies nurses handle or treat their patients and try to improve and elevate the wellness of the patients and that is how characteristics of patients and competencies of nurses synergized together to achieve a mutual objective of both of the nurse and of the patient that is the well being of the patient.

Development of AACN care model

The American Association of critical care nurses presented an idea of devising a framework that enables nurses to develop their skills. To move ahead with this notion American Association of critical care nurses formed a think tank to devise such a framework. After that members of think tank united together and started their work to develop such framework. “The think tank members agreed that certified practice should be based on meeting patient needs and optimizing outcomes rather than delineating a set of skills performed by nurses caring for acute and critically ill patients” (Hardin, 2005).

The studious work of the members of think tank resulted in the description of few various characteristics of patients and a set of skills of ...
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