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Apollo 13

Apollo 13

Which problem-solving strategy is shown here: means-end analysis, working backward, or using analogies? Please show support for this response with good critical thinking.

The technique of using analogies has been used in the videos. To solve problems that require creativity, are not effective solutions that rely on deductive logic and roads, is necessary to use analog and metaphorical approaches (Failure Is Not an Option Scene - Apollo 13 Movie, 1995). The analogy is the fundamental process of knowledge. Example the case of a child first sees a plane flying in the sky and he says it is like a bird or a car engine flying. Analogy is the process which includes the process of understanding the unknown through the known. We can create maps based on metaphor and analogy that allow you to take parallel paths that offer different experiences visiting environments or traditional (Rath, Langenbahn, et al, 2004).

It can be said that using analogies in this case was the best choice, as it needed the understanding the unknown through the known. Without analyzing this, it would have been difficult to come up with a suitable solution in this case.

Why is brainstorming an obvious place to start with this dilemma?

Brainstorming is a group work tool that facilitates the emergence of new thoughts on an issue or problem. Brainstorming is a group technique for generating original ideas in a relaxed atmosphere (Apollo 13 - Brainstorming). The main rule is to defer the trial method, because at first the whole idea is valid and none should be rejected. Typically, in a meeting to resolve problems, many usable ideas might die prematurely before an observation "judicious" about his worthlessness or unreasonable character (Apollo 13 - Brainstorming). This will prevent the ideas generated, by analogy, more ideas, and also inhibits the creativity ...
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