Application Architecture Of An Organization

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Application Architecture of an Organization

Application Architecture of an Organization


The payroll application software were amongst the first application software to be used in the organizations. In fact, it will be fair to say that these payroll software are currently the most utilized automated business procedures; and undoubtedly, the most often used solutions to a number of problems faced by the HR solution. Therefore, there are various organizations that are moving from the burden of spreadsheets to the convenience of the payroll software. While these technologies in payroll are currently adopted by the smaller businesses, companies of all sizes are upgrading or sourcing out various updated payroll software solutions. Hence, choosing an appropriate payroll software in accordance with the requirements of a company is a task that should be carefully executed.


A computerized payroll application system can be defined as a system that the employer buys and utilize it as a means to process the payroll. This procedure is currently preferred over the manual payroll software systems simply because of its speed and accuracy. However, it is important that any organization keep in mind the relevance of the architecture adapted and the technologies used in accordance with the various aspects of the organization including its size, budget etc.

Type of Architecture

There are several types of architectures that can be adapted and applied in the application pay roll system. These include Client/Server architecture, internet based architecture, Message Bus architecture, Domain Driven Design architecture and Layered Architecture etc.

Client-server architecture is meant for the deployment purposes and it divides a system into two basic applications. Where the client sends a request to the server, which then process the request accordingly. In payroll application, the server will be a database entity where the application logics will be represented as the stored procedures. The internet-based architecture is an ...
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