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Reflective PDP Report



Knowledge gained since September 20123

Geological skills3

Surveying skills4

Computer skills4

Reflective Report5


To Get A Degree in Civil Engineering5

To Be Professionally Certified5

Getting Good Grades5

Team work, and Leadership6

Time management6


Self Evaluation7

Future Goals9


Communication skills11

Teamwork and Leadership12

Self-Awareness and Critical Reflection13

Problem Solving14

Organizational Skills15

Reflecting On Achievement16

Conclusion16Reflective PDP Report


Life is a learning process from the minute we are born until the day we die. Learning is the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skill (Farlex,Inc. 2013). Learning as defined by Gray (p.121 1994) is a kind of adaptation to the environment that occurs within the lifetime of the individual.

The purpose of this write up is to look at the skills acquired over the past few years and to establish the importance of learning that has taken place with respect to current planning, reflecting on experiences learnt and planning for future. It would enable us to enhance future performance with respect to study but also with respect to future jobs. Skills that will be looked at are communication, presentation, technical, research, group work, accuracy and personal development. The personal growth and academic skills go hand in hand as a person who is acquiring new knowledge, will learn skills without realising how much he has learnt and in the process becomes a well rounded knowledgeable person.


My name is Hussien Naif Aldowsry and I come from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and I am 24 years old. I was living at home with my parents and studied at high school, until I came to UK where I had to live by myself. I finished a high school diploma in Riyadh before coming to Cambridge. I left school just before coming to UK. I graduated with a certificate for secondary education. Prior to coming to United Kingdom, I had very small amount of knowledge of the English language. However with motivation and determination I came to Cambridge in 2011 and started a course in Engineering, computing and life sciences foundation year at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. The course was for one year. Subjects that I studied were physics, mathematics and IELTS (English) and I passed everything. The course helped me to prepare for the course at University and the methods used in United Kingdom.

This course enabled me to improve my level of English in spoken, written and use of English in a academic situation. In mathematics topics I learnt about integration, differentiation, solving algebraic equations, indices and how to use calculator effectively. I learnt about dependent and independent variables and how to plot a graph. In physics modules I learnt about speed, distance, time and their graphs as well as equations. Also I learnt about projectile motion, moments, forces, kinematics and how to manipulate equations in order to solve it. I was consequently accepted at Liverpool John Moores University in September 2012 onto a BSc. Honours Civil Engineering course, which finishes in 2015. I learnt a great deal and grew more confident in my skills of speaking in front of others, being organised and applying my knowledge ...
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