Application: Informatics Functional Areas

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Application: Informatics Functional Areas

Application: Informatics Functional Areas


Nursing informatics puts together nursing science, computer science, and information science for improving the health related outcomes. In this research paper, there will an identification of the functional area of nursing which is of the most interest after reviewing all nine nurse informatics functional areas. Then a research will be conducted for identifying the common responsibilities and duties that are associated with the chose functional area. In the last, there will be a description about existing professional role in the work field; the role of personal interests and attributes in becoming successful in the chosen functional area; and the skills are needed to be developed in order to be successful in the field.

Identification of Functional Area

After carefully reviewing all the nine informatics functional areas, the functional area that is chosen by me is the administration, leadership, and management.


An informatics nurse specialist that is a Master's done nurse and employs in Nursing Informatics for identifying, collecting, processing, and managing data and information for supporting the practices, education, administration, research and development of nursing profession. Informatics is amongst the most diversified disciplines in nursing profession. Many nurses have been capable of capitalizing their knowledge and interests regarding informatics for carving out their new responsibilities in healthcare settings (American Nurses Association, 2008).

Roles & Responsibilities of Nurses under Informatics Functional Area of Administration, Leadership, and Management

A nurse under the functional area of Administration, Leadership, and Management has to perform a wide variety of roles and responsibilities in a medical setting, as the leadership in the nursing administration is usually existed as higher management levels and conducted by nurse executives and nurse managers. In this functional area, the nurse manager is responsible for carrying out the most significant work that is to ensure about and maintain the work environment in which quality medical practices are existed as such surety helps other nurses in their practices, students in their education and in conducting researches. In short, the overall purpose of a nurse manager under this informatics functional area is to absolutely support patient-centered medical care (, 2011).

As a nurse manager, he or she is responsible for managing the complete nursing unit and for reporting to director about all the management matters. Some of the common duties of a nurse manager are budgeting, staffing, and everyday operations of the overall unit. It includes all the duties inclusive of ...