Application Of Six Images Of Managing Change On Prudential Financials Inc.

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Application of Six Images of Managing Change on Prudential Financials Inc.



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This research is on the topic “Application of Six Images of Managing Change on Prudential Financials Inc.”. The company under research has been facing numerous issues arising from the economic downturn coupled the increasing debt taken by the management. These internal and external factors have affected the compensation system of the company. Employees appreciate the work life balance; at the same time, complain of the less competitive compensation. The company has been unable to manage this change in an efficient manner. On the basis of the primary and secondary research, which also included interviews with the personnel of the company, it was concluded that the role of care taker as a change manager is most appropriate in this case. Caretaker constantly manages the change with the acceptance of the fact that external factors are beyond the control of the company.

Table of Contents




1.1Background of the Study1

1.2Problem Statement1

1.3Aim and Objectives2

1.4Theoretical Framework3

1.5Research Questions4

1.6Ethical Concern4

1.7Outline of the Study5


2.1Six Images of Managing Change6

2.1.1Image 1: Change Manager as Director6

2.1.2Image 2: Change Manager as Navigator6

2.1.3Image 3: Change Manager as Caretaker7

2.1.4Image 4: Change Manager as Coach8

2.1.5Image 5: Change Manager as Interpreter8

2.1.6Image 6: Change Manager as Nurturer9

2.2Prudential Financials Inc.10

2.2.1Historical Review10

2.2.3Current Performance11

2.3Compensation System of Prudential Financials Inc.11

2.4Change Management Issues in Prudential Financials Inc.12

3.1Research type14

3.2Research process14

3.3Research Philosophy and Choice15

3.4Research Approach16

3.5Research Data Collection Technique16


3.6Validity and Reliability of Data17