Application; Planned Change In Department Or Unit

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Application; Planned Change in Department or Unit

Application; Planned Change in Department or Unit

Identify a problem, inefficiency, or issue within a specific department/unit.

At this time, nursing care data, ahead of central compliance data, is barely ever integrated in the information which is being stored electronically, irrespective of researches proving that counting nursing concerns augments the accuracy of estimating healthcare and forecasting the results (Grant, Colello, Riehle & Dende, 2010). This signifies that if EHRs (Electronic Health Records), whether component of an EMR or an EHR includes no data in relation to the choices or decisions nurses make, for instance the decisions about nursing concerns, the consequential upshots, self-governing intervention proceedings and the data offered by nursing will not be utilized in healthcare priority and planning selections (Morena, 2005). Thus, here the identified concern is the insecurity which nurses face due to the introduction of electronic health records in the organization.

Describe a specific, realistic change that could be made to address the issue.

The EHR is designed to store information. It is available to the entire team of health care team as by implementing it the accessibility to the medical record of the client is increased through computer stations and the use of handheld devices (Morena, 2005). However the concerns and insecurities of the nurses can be resolved by discussing the advantages of EHR with the nurses working in the organization.

Summarize how the change would align with the organization's mission, vision, and values as well as relevant professional standards.

The major goal of the EHR, as proposed by the IOM, is to trim down errors and facilitate well-timed documentation by the providers of health care. This challenge has been met by means of several proceedings in technologies. First, health care organizations have placed computers all through the nursing units and have enhanced portability by putting computers on wheels (Morena, 2005). Second, handheld and related technologies have been taken on for fast data entry and retrieval. Handheld devices are small in size and fit in a pocket, therefore making the EHR yet more accessible.

Identify a change model or strategy to guide your planning for implementing the change. Provide a rationale for your selection.

Technology is being intended as a strategy to resolve the issue of storing and retrieving medical health and personal information (Bevan, 2010). Though, there are some products that push the staff to document in a particular pattern and therefore, EMR implementation would change ...
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