Argumentative Essay On Beowulf

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Argumentative Essay on Beowulf


Most people believe that the Beowulf was originally Pagan and rewritten by a Christian who sought to apply Christian characters to the original text. Scholars disagree on whether the main thematic point was Pagan or Christian. The narrator, however, places events in a Biblical context because of the push at the time to convert all people to Christianity. Beowulf, by intertwining Christian beliefs and old Pagan elements of lore becomes a standard of literature that is hard to surpass. The aim and objective of this paper is to present arguments that the story is influenced by both paganism and Christianity.

Influence of paganism in the story

The concept of fate has been used in the text of the Beowulf a number of times. This extensive usage of the idea of fate represents Pagan view in the text. All the characters that are in the story of Beowulf are accepted the notion of fate. For instance, the scene where Hrothgar feels that he would not be able to meet Beowulf again he never asks why that is happening to him rather accepted this as a part of his fate. There have been many moments in the story where Beowulf himself expresses his firm belief on fate. Beowulf states that Fate is something that leads to a place where your fate wants to be. All the representation of the concept of fate shows Paganism (Chin, p. 45).

Robinson commented on the story, and shows his believe that different passages that are in the story of Beowulf presents a picture that shows the presence of element of both beliefs. He indicates that sermon of Horthgar in particular to show his belief true. He also emphasizes on the language with which the story has been told. He thinks that the writer intentionally uses such language that helps to attain the position that shows morals and concepts of both the beliefs.

Influence of Christianity in the story

Beowulf is a story that belongs to the field of epic. This tale has been altered a number of times. These alterations were aimed to show the tale as the representation of Christian moral and belief. Scores of new variables to the plot have been added in the story as a result of the alterations that are done in the tale but still it is not possible to erase the original plot that depicts reflection of Christianity belief.

It is quite obvious that the original plot of the tale presents the idea that the story is based on Pagan belief. The original story does not show any event that mentions the presence of any biblical instances or concepts and any other morality that belongs to the belief of Christianity that it shows now. Although, the fact can also not be overlooked that the story of the original Beowulf shows various concepts that predict higher value and level of human beings. There are a number of concepts in the Christianity that has more than one aspect the writer uses all these concepts ...
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