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Art Paper

Art Paper

Part I

The art work chosen for this part is “The Starry Night”, an “Oil on Canvas” painting painted by the famous Dutch, post- Impressionist, painter “Vincent van Gogh” in 1889 (The Starry Night n.d). This painting is available to viewers in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). An online view is also available at the “Google Art Projects” website. The art work, like other works of Vincent Van Gogh, has roughly used bold colors. The painting is the view of the village Saint-Rémy-de-Provence of France through the window of sanitarium.

The artist, Vincent Van Gogh painted this painting from his memory of an early morning in the Asylum in France. The Starry Night is the view of the painters' inner thought. The painter thinks that the village is under a death silence and the stars in the sky are the souls of the passed one's. The tree that is going up in the sky shows a relation or a path for the souls to be the stars. The painting shows the central part of the village Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the night. The cypress tree is added to give a religious look to the painting.

The virtual arts museum now a days are best place for the paintings or gallery viewing. These virtual museums help the visitors throughout the world to visit these galleries from their home or workplace with only few finger clicks. These virtual online museums provide the best quality and resolution artworks for high quality viewing with proper navigation and controls that are best suitable for online visitors. Their best user interference and high resolution imaginary of artworks make these virtual museums valuable for both painters and general public.

Part II

There are two different schools of thought on the restoration of the artworks. One is in the favor of the restoration ...
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