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Article Response

This paper will highlight two articles that are “China orders rail safety probe, fires officials after the crash” and “China orders 2 month nationwide rail safety inspection after train crash; minister apologizes”. The task assigned was to analyze both the articles, the different writing styles and then to check whether one writing style was efficient than the other. Both the articles used different writing style and tone. One of articles written in straightforward tone, giving quotes of particular government official whereas; the other article used a slightly milder approach of writing. The author used precise tone and reached the audience in an indirect way.

Analysis of “China orders rail safety probe, fires officials after crash”

When writing a scholarly piece of work, one has to use language that is different from day to day language. One has to be formal while any doing scholarly writing. The use of impersonal and neutral language is the rule to writings. Although most of the times in writings the author is expressing his/her views and opinions, but it is considered appropriate to avoid using personal pronouns and emotive language. It is done this way to refrain from depicting the paper as arrogant or biased. The scholarly writing refers to the way in which certain documents are in society and history. Literary writing is subject to the standards of spelling and grammar, but also the rhetoric, of poetry. The writer uses writing techniques, tools, languages that allow it to shape a style, and he also allows himself poetic license, the digressions, the neologisms in order to support his speech to make his prose aesthetic. Thus, it is different and becomes an artist (Balfour and Wang, n.a.).

Writing is the set of tools for language that can construct a text that produces meaning. Different forms of writings impact the audience differently. The straightforward approach, that can be, seen in the article “China orders rail safety probe, fires officials after crash” seems a bit aggressive. The author has used quotes of different scholars showing what they have to say about the topic the article. The author has used an aggressive style and tone for expressing his views. The usage of facts and figures denotes that the author is targeting the audience who has a bit of knowledge about the topic. The figures if conveyed to some individual who does not have any insights about the subject then probably he will not get what these figures signify. He will obviously not have the idea that whether the figures represent anything good or bad. The author has specifically mentioned all the negative aspect of the high speed system. The author is criticizing the rails system. The comments and quotations used by the author in the article highlights that he is writing against the system. The aggressive natured writing used by the author shows his criticism against this topic. The author has also tried to use the emotions of the people to make people accept his idea and criticism. Emotional language attracts ...
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