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Mexican Folkloric Dance

Mexican Folkloric Dance

Mexican Folkloric Dance


Mexican folkloric dance is the most beautiful, colorful and melodious. It is the combination of various range and forms of dances. This dance has a very wide variety of the heritage and it is consist of the variety of very rich cultural and historical background.. Most prominent influence on these dance forms are of the European and Spanish tradition. This is considered to be the most enjoyable and very lively dance that makes a person really enjoy and entertain while dancing. It is very interesting the music is also very good and the most important thing is the unusual and extraordinary steps involved in this dance. These dances are considered as the national identity of these people and the whole nation. Their costumes for these dances are very beautiful and colorful. The most important of these dance forms is the Jarabe Tapatío it is very interesting and audience also enjoys watching these dances.

This dance is also known as the Mexican hat dance in which the men wear big hats which are the special and characteristic Mexican hats. Maxican Folk Dance Organization defines that these folklores dances are the best means for these Mexicans to maintain their culture and heritage. This is also very important concept in the history of the Mexican dances that these people celebrate their independence and joy with these dances. One more important aspect of these dances is that these dances are the favorites of all times even in today’s modern world people love and enjoy these special dances. The females wear beautiful flowery dresses which look beautiful when they dance on the beats and music and keep moving and flowing their dresses in the Spanish style. It is the most beautiful way of dances that when audiences keep watching the y also want to enjoy it and dance along with them .Sometimes these dances are in a group and all the dancers both male and female enjoy together.


Once I also had a chance to participate in their traditional dance party it was a real fun. It feels like moving with the beats and music. It was for the first time that I have noticed the feelings of my high spirit that I never felt before. We were all dancing and enjoying. It was my first time that I was actually participating in the dance with them. It is no doubt an extraordinary feeling for me and I really enjoyed it. Those people were very friendly and they were continuously guiding me. My partner was also very expert in dance and continuously guiding me in my steps.

This was very extraordinary and perfect dance party in which all the people were cheering. The footsteps were not easy for me, but even then it was fun and I was enjoying it. When I was dancing I felt the whole culture and tradition of their country and begin to realize what the folklores really are. Mexican food is very famous all over ...

Review On Dance Clip


Review on Dance Clip

Review on Dance clip

This paper will be analyzing the dance clips that are mentioned in the references. The work of transpersonal psychotherapists Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks has shown that many emotional problems can be lessened by paying close attention to one's body and by treating one's emotions and sensations with the utmost respect. The spiritual and creative dimension of belly dance provides an opening through which girls can begin to explore the light and dark places of their own psyches, on their own terms, leading to a restoration of self.

Dancing also stimulates the unconscious, heightens life, and leads to a feeling of wholeness. It contains a spiritual dimension that is associated with the experience of ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance involves a paradoxical melding with one's body while achieving a shift of focus and consciousness to the spiritual realm. This occurs when the dance becomes a spiritual discipline, a tool that teaches girls how to live inside, interact with, and grow through their bodies. For belly dancers, the body is not an obstacle to enlightenment or realization of spiritual truth. Rather, it is the key (Richards, 2000).

Observable Characteristics

The dance in the clips are begun as a reaction against ballet, is perhaps more easily defined by what it is not than by what it is, and it is often defined in contrast to ballet. Certain broad traits, however, can be observed in much of the enormously varied modern dance that has been created in the 20th century.

The Choreographer-Performer

In the dance clip , the tendency is for one artist to act as both choreographer (see Choreography) and performer—and frequently also as scenic, costume, and lighting designer. During the last 300 years of ballet, in contrast, choreographers have seldom continued to dance when they were at the height of their choreographic achievements. Unlike ballet choreographers, who rely on a language of codified steps, modern dancers create their own conventions, or dance language; thus, they usually find it a practical necessity to both choreograph and perform.

Creation of a Dance Language

Because a dance language involves elements such as posture, use of the body's weight, and the character of movements (sinuous, angular, and so forth)—as well as specific movements of the head, torso, hands, arms, legs, and feet—most creators of modern dance have considered it essential to examine their

In keeping with the conventional language of ballet, the ballet dancer's movements are developed from a basic orientation of facing the audience from the front of the stage. At the same time, the ballet dancer maintains an erect posture and a turned-out position—that is, legs rotated outward from the hips. dancers, in contrast, usually assume a multidimensional orientation in the theater space. Their actions make use of all dimensions of space—the dancers often stand sideways to or turn their backs on the audience, and they do not always remain upright and deliberate falling motions are common. Despite the variety of modern dance styles, they generally tend to take into account the ...

Starting Your Own Dance Company


starting your own dance company

Starting Your Own Dance Company

Executive Summary

Dancing entails community of interests. Combined, instead of competitor. It entails esteem for those whom we share dancing with, whether they are partners or other people with whom we share the dancing floor. It implies taking care that everybody has a good time, instead of being selfish and egoist. It implies being social, instead of an ostentation. It implies dance with everybody, not just preferred dance partners, and generally it implies changing dance partners every dance. It implies being civil in partnering, waiting till the music begins, prior to asking somebody to dance. It implies inclusive, instead of undivided. (The term "dance community of interests" is open, in the gumption that it lets in all those with a concern in dance, instead of only those who dwell to something, or have taken grooming. So citizens are looking for dance institutions where they can get training for dancing, especially Salsa dancing.

Salsa style of dancing is affiliated with the salsa music, at present, famous globally. Salsa style of music has its roots sometime in the fifties to seventies, with the genuinely distinguishable salsa technique emerging from New York City in the seventies. The salsa music blends a number of Cuban techniques, especially the son but also attracts from a number of early Spanish American music genres. Salsa style of dance is carried out with the help of music comprises of eight beats, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat. The motion left is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause.

My proposed Salsa Dance institution is committed to imparting quality and low-priced dancing education to community. There is a really dynamic and committed dancing society already situated in the area. Nevertheless, there has never been a genuine dancing company with primary focus is specifically on Salsa dancing, where citizens can amplify their cognition of dancing and relish being with others of similar involvements. It is my plan to integrate the subsisting dance society into my dancing firm to start with an accented foundation of assistants. From there we will be able to circulate the word that dance is an amusement and energizing way to spend time. There are several advantages to dancing that will draw citizens from numerous backgrounds and involvements.


The following are targets and aims of Salsa dancing company:

Establish a dancing company with an affectionate, supportive ambiance, which is founded on comforting clients.

Furnish a societal and amusement plate form for citizens with various involvements, scopes and ages.

Furnish salsa dancing education and grooming for students at all levels of dancing, from beginner to expert.

Furnish continual grooming, advantages and inducements for faculty to promote a long-run dedication of employees.

Mission Statement

The Salsa dance company provides a place where citizens can get training to dance, come across new citizens, have fun and feel prosperous. We extend a wide-range of dancing techniques with price selections for all levels of involvement, with more distinguished stress on group sessions and a small bundle classes to achieve dancing skill ...