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Characteristics Of Western Films


Characteristics of Western Films

Characteristics of Western Films


Films and movies have long been used for the expression of ideas, feelings and traditions and the same have also been utilized as a means to preserve and record history. It should be taken into account that due to the same qualities of films, they are also used for judging and getting an idea about the conditions and situation prevailing in a society at a particular instance of time, along with the issues and problems of the same period. Moreover, the traditions and the trends of same time period, combined with the methods adopted by people to deal with those issues and problems are presented by movies of a particular country, produced in a specific time period. Thus, there are certain characteristics of movies of every part of the world and each time period, which not only highlight the specifications of the society, but also focus on the traits of individuals living in that society. The following paragraphs highlight the characteristics of western movies, with special reference to 3:10 to Yuma:


Characteristics of Western Movies

Like all the other genres of movies, western moves have their own characteristics and specifications that differentiate them from all the other types and also present their specific characteristics. According to the definition presented by America Film Institute, Western films are those that are set in the American West and are known for encompassing the sprit and the struggle involved in the demise of new frontier, and thus are mostly composed of the rough and tough concepts and ideas (Agnew, 2012, Pp: 132). It is eminent to mention here that the genre is mostly used to describe the narrative film genre, with most of the characters and features being inspired by the 19th century popular western fiction. It should be taken into account that the popular culture was in place even before the arrival of the films, with the main protagonists being the characters like cowboys, bounty hunters, the gun sliders and other semi nomadic hunters.

It should be taken into account that the dressing and getup of the characters was one of the major differentiating features of the movie: the major characters main wore Stetson hats, spurs, bandanas and the buckskins. In addition, they were known for using guns and revolvers as their tool for survival as they had to live in exceptionally rough and tough environment, having rides between the dusty towns and trusty steeds (Grant, 2003, Pp: 512). Western movies could also be characterized by their special means of commutation: they generally used steeds as the means of transport, as that was the prevailing means of moving that time. Moreover, the western movies are high influenced by the impact of the Native Americans and stories of most of the movies deal with the conflict involved in dealing with the Native Americans.

Another major characteristic of the western movies is presence of vast landscape in the backdrop, and most of such movies have been shot ...

Movies Are Successful As Long As They Entertain Us

Movies are successful as long as they entertain us

Movies are successful as long as they entertain us


Life has become so tense and hard that every individual is facing certain tensions regular, tension of family, job, friends, health and others. In this scenario every individual dreams of taking some time off to relax his mind and body, for instance some people make plan to go to holiday with their families and friend, some reads books and religious articles, and some like to watch movies, sports and other (Craig, et al, 2003).

Further, it is the nature of the human being that until his problems or tensions are not solved he does not feel relax, however there are certain techniques that will not solve the problem but they have the ability to remove the tension for a while.

One of the most common techniques that is primarily developed and produced to entertain the human of all over the world. In addition to these movies are also created to spread love, culture of their country to another, and sometimes describes the history and lifestyle of famous people (Prensky, 2001)

For instance, if we watch comedy movies then the general concept that prevails is that we keep laughing. Because of laughing, an individual is getting relief for some period.

Similarly, some people get relief by watching horror movies, action movies, dramas and others. Hence, it is observed that by watching movies people try to forget their tension and worries for some period, spend time with families and friends.

Movies are doing enough

Now the most popular question that is surfing in the mind of the people is that moving are doing enough of what is expected from them? According to my observation and thoughts yes movies are doing more than enough to make people, fell relax and comfortable.

However, while watching movie sometimes I feel that they are wasting time and money of several people, particularly children. Because children of young age likes to spend time by doing extra things, and are quickly addicted to the stuff that are shown in the movies, for example (Craig, et al, 2003).

Watching constant movies is dangerous for the brain as well as for the personal growth of the children. For example, few years back there was a case of suicide and reason was that after watching one of the action movies a child tried to attempt the particular stunt and could not balance keep the balance and fall from the roof of the house.

On the other hand, sometimes movies are produced with the theme of providing knowledge to the audience. For instance movies produced on Shakespeare novels, the prime purpose of producing this movies was to educate people about the life style of the great author, it ability of solving different cases, his thoughts about the nations and others.

Similarly on this ground, there are certain movies created to highlight the issues of the nation, for example, several movies are being made on the topic of education among females in Arab countries, child trafiking, ...