Arts/ Theatre: Essay Questions

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Arts/ Theatre: Essay Questions

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Arts/ Theatre: Essay Questions


The drama is one of the major literary genres. The dramatic theatre is presented to potential recipients in two ways: by action by the actors on a stage before an audience or through reading the work as if it was, for example, a novel. However, the plays are meant to be represented, and any personal reading is only an incomplete exercise, since we have to dispense with such elements as music, lighting, movement of the actors.

Question # 1

There is significant difference between the internal and external approach to acting in theatre. The external approach in acting like the Francois Delsarte's acting style is one in which an actor ahs to expresses through his or her facial expression the intensity of the circumstance in the play. Marlon Brando is one other actor associated with internal approach of acting. These actors use their facial expression to express the emotions encrypted in the play script. Their body language plays a little role in their acting and the audience understands the severity of presented circumstances through the dramatic facial expressions of the actors (Callery, 2001).

On the other hand internal approach to acting or the Constantin Stanislavski's acting style in one in which actors devoted less attention to their facial expression rather on their body language. The word internal in acting means the natural flavor in acting which comes from within. Actors get so much involved in the play that they do not have to imitate their expression, but these expressions come from within by the intensity of the dramatic situation. Both Delsarte and Stanislavski are pioneer of internal and external approach in acting and have demonstrated the same though their plays.

Question # 2

The importance of theatre is that it shows the reality of life to ...
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