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Asia Pacific - Environmental Review

Asia Pacific - Environmental Review


This paper intends to discuss the significance of Asia Pacific region in conducting business. This article analysis will elaborate over the scope, diversity and opportunities within the Asian and the Pacific Rim region. It remains extremely important to analyze that Asian countries have been emerging as the best business markets in recent times. Business men who tend to learn about the political, legal, economic, social and cultural differences prevailing between their home country and the countries in which they operate their businesses remain utterly successful. The purpose of this paper is to make the readers aware about the significance of implementing correct business decisions policies in different countries after analyzing the underlying political, legal, economic, social and cultural differences.


Approximately six articles have been chosen for the purpose of discussion and analysis in this paper. The main country that will be discusses in this paper remains China. Other then China, a brief overview of the business conditions prevailing within Thailand and India will also be explored. The focus on these three countries is maintained mainly because of the fact that these three are the prominent business markets within the region. Almost six scholarly articles will be referred in this particular paper.

Country Selection and Reason for Selection

The country which is selected for the purpose of discussion is China. China has emerged as one of the most powerful and strong business centre within the Asian Pacific region within a span of last few decades. The struggle of China in becoming the most attractive business market seems to be immense. China has gained several economic advantages and became one of the most important business hubs within the region. The reason behind choosing China for the main discussion is because of its inevitable position within the business circles in the Asia Pacific Region. The economic development witnessed within China is remarkable (Collins et al 2008).

The reason with which I have chosen China for discussion in this paper is that while discussing the business environment of the Asia Pacific Region; the presence of China is extremely prominent. China tends to impact the global business environment through making its products available all around the world within affordable rates. Cheap labor and economies of scale have made China to gain a strong and favorable position within the business markets of Asia Pacific. Every country; even United States of America seems to have a clear interest in operating within the Chinese premises because of the cost and technological advancements China possess. India and Thailand are also main business hubs within the regions and reveals business opportunities of several billion dollars (Brahmasrene & Jiranyakul, 2002).

Population Trends

The population trends of China have been significantly impacted with its one child policy. The demographics of China seem to possess a large population having small youth proportion. The minimal youth proportion is witnessed due to the one child policy of China. According to recent estimated; the population of China has crossed the figure ...