Assessing The Future Of Commercial Air Carriers

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Assessing the Future of Commercial Air Carriers

Assessing the Future of Commercial Air Carriers

Aviation industry is the fastest growing industry all over the world. It is considered as the backbone sector of many countries and is a very powerful source of income, generating billions of dollars of revenue around the world. Currently, there is a lot of growth in the aviation sector, which generates additional revenue. The size of the aviation sector is increasing day by day; new companies are introduced in the market with competitive packages and competitive facilities. However, with the increase in aviation sector size and increase in the number of aviation and airline companies, the problems and issues faced by the aviation sector globally are also increasing.

There is a need to assess the future of commercial air carriers including the development of very large and very light aircraft including their impact on airport operations. Aviation sector is a sector that always has issues. In the early 90's the most common issue faced by the global aviation industry is the handling issue of the cargo of customers especially with the increase in number of customers all over the world. This problem is resolved when the technology of RFID is implemented within the airports all over the world especially in those airports where daily hundreds or thousands of flights are arrived and departs with thousands of customers or passengers. Another huge problem that continues until now is the issue of global terrorism and risk of hijacking all over the world especially in Asian sector. This issue is not rise after 9/11 attacks in 2001 but it is present since the beginning of aviation industry. Until now, thousands of planes are hijacked by the hijackers and many peoples lost their life due to such bad incidents. However, to reduce the risk of terrorism, latest and hi-tech equipment and searching tools are used all over the world to capture criminal minded peoples or terrorist, which is effective but up to some extent because terrorist also change or evaluate them and their techniques to spread terrorism in the world. In addition with this, there are many issues present in the history that are continues until now due to some conditions that supports these issues.

Airport Commercialisation has led to airports becoming commercial entities, providing services to meet requirements of stakeholders. The new structures have initiated a move from government (local or national) to other forms of ownership. There are independent airport authorities and airport companies listed on the stock exchange. Commercial aspects have taken more importance, with high emphasis on financial management, Non-aeronautical revenue generating and marketing and allocation of staff to non-operational areas.

Interestingly, most companies offering charter or air taxi operating in the mode are small, often family businesses that have a fleet of one or more inexpensive piston aircraft. To date, U.S. companies such there are more than 3500. Most AK coordinates the activities of small aircraft owners, worth about two hundred thousand ...
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