Assessment # 3 “in Your View Is There A 4th World Australia And If So How, Why And Where Does It Exist?

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Assessment # 3 “In your view is there a 4th World Australia and if so how, why and where does it exist?

Assessment # 3 “In your view is there a 4th World Australia and if so how, why and where does it exist?


Why people call Australia 'a fourth world'? What are the evidences that could prove it? Many questions revolve in people's mind regarding this fact. In this assignment, I will highlight the history and origin of ethnic people that made it known a fourth world country. Indeed, there is a 4th World Australia that exists in this world. In the early 1970s, the term “Fourth world” was coined by Shuswap Chief George Manuel ( He referred this term to indefinite nations of indigenous peoples, who are living across or within the national state boundaries. As the time progressed, the modern state was greatly affected with their indigenous minorities. The World Council of Indigenous Peoples introduced the concept of The Fourth World, which is a phrase used to depict indigenous minorities in the entire earth. Around 500 different Aboriginal peoples live in Australia and every group has its own territory and language. They are usually distributed in huge number of separate clans.

Discussion Analysis

Existence of Fourth World in Australia

It is believed by Archaeologists that Aboriginals initially came to the continent of Australia around forty five thousand years ago. However, aboriginals found themselves their creation before the Dreamtime, which was the time when the earth initially formed. It is believed that aboriginals have some particular association with something natural. It is a fact that the land of Aboriginals was invaded by the eighteen century, and before this invasion, they used to live in the entire Australia ( The evidences suggest that these groups manage their environment in a careful manner for ensuring a fast supply of food. Those tribes of Aboriginal live in the desert and bush by burning, gathering and hunting; for encouraging the expansion of plants preferred by the game they hunted. We can say that they were masters in bringing out water. In current times, around half of aboriginal peoples live in towns, usually in poor conditions. Most of them work as labourers on cattle ranches that have taken over their land. The history of aboriginal peoples demonstrates that the primary invasions of them brought large number of diseases that killed around thousands of people. Around 100 years from the primary invasion of their land, their numbers were decreased by estimated one million to only sixty thousand ( The outright killings in 20th century were substituted with a policy of parting Aboriginal children from their guardians and handing them to white families. Moreover, they further thought to set them in mission schools, for removing the identity of Aboriginal language and culture. Even in modern times, they still suffer from racist attitudes and there often become the target of violence, especially in police custody. Their poor conditions indicate that these aboriginal peoples have a highest suicide rate, a lower life ...
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