Assessment Task - Memo Of Advice

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Assessment Task - Memo of Advice

Assessment Task - Memo of Advice

Statement of Facts - David Simpson

This paper would discuss the major considerations and facts in the case of Discrimination Act 1991 as such an act covered major details of the legal applications in the different cases of discrimination. Discrimination related incidents are quite common in organizations today and organizations have to lose employees because of massive cases of discrimination. Many of the employees are discriminated against by their seniors because of personal bias. During the course of this paper, we would look to discuss the discrimination related intricacies in the case of David Simpson. The outline of this paper will consist of four main sections which are explained below:


The first section of the outline will be the summary of the discussed case. After assessing the case of David Simpson, it is clear that he is the target of discrimination. For example, he did not face any problems with his previous boss, Clare Davey, who was very considerate as well as understanding towards David's special case. Also, Stephen remodelled the store completely so that there were heaps of CDs and DVDs lying all around the store floor. With a prosthetic leg, David had a lot of trouble making his way across the store and he would often stumble upon merchandise obstructing his way. David also faced discrimination from two of his colleagues who worked with him in the store. The colleagues, June and Larry, made fun of David because of his prosthetic leg. This is open discrimination.

Questions Presented

The questions in this case of discrimination act involve addressing the practical legal application of anti discrimination act. The essence of the questions relate to addressing the practical legal considerations since there are a lot of technicalities involved in discrimination. The parties to the case must look into the core areas of concern as regards the shaping of discrimination. The act committed in the case must be investigated from a legal perspective as the legal violation in the case of discrimination needs to be ascertained. Moreover, this anti-discriminatory law also applies to areas of access to premises or the provision of accommodation, facilities, services and goods. The act also applies to acts of sexual harassment in all of the afore-mentioned areas. Apart from this, equality of genders is another major mandate that the act focuses on and the Discrimination Act of 1991 includes discrimination ...