Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: The experience of studying the MBA

Assignment 3: The experience of studying the MBA

“Low aim is the crime so we should have high aims in our life”


Emerson's words reflect how passionately a person should live his/her life. Life is not bed of roses; it makes us face several challenges and the winner is one that proves him him/herself as a unique individual after facing all obstacles of life (McIntyre, 2005, 45). In today's modern world the competition has become very high; in order to not only compete in this competition but to become a successful person one should be equipped with ambition, knowledge, and mostly importantly education. Education is key to everything; it plays a crucial role in fighting against poverty and inequality. Education encompasses group work, social living, discipline, and mostly importantly it builds self confidence in a person (McIntyre, 2005, 45). With an ever increasing number of corporate organizations that need hardworking, knowledgeable, educated, and efficient smart people along with pleasing personality capable of managing resources, MBA education has gained tremendous popularity from last many years. At early age I learnt that in order to be successful in life I need to get higher education and there are always multiple perspectives of seeing problems of the world that is why I was eager to get MBA degree. In this paper I am going to share experience of my MBA education with particular focus on module of Managerial and Professional development. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the ability to learn from experiences and importance of these experiences in future.


It feels like yesterday, I took admission in MBA Program, I cannot believe My MBA program is almost over. Reflecting back on these years that zoomed past a million miles an hour, I would like to share some of my learning, thoughts, and experiences. The idea of doing MBA was cemented when I was in ma last year of college. I was working on PR assignment between classes sitting in student union. My mind stuck on some questions that were not part of the assignment. The questions were: what would be the budget of PR in the real world? How would ROI of a PR campaign would be measured in actual sales not just in media hits? What if there would have been an integrated campaign using social media? That time I realized that as much as I love PR I loved the strategy of using it as a tool among greater business objective even more. I went to my professor asked him these, he start to answer my questions with examples from his experience. When I left the class I leaned more about business and figured out how I am going to do my MBA. Initially when I got admission in MBA program I was incredibly nervous but very excited at the same time. Other students had much more experience than what I had. It was my part time ...
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