Assignment 3: Personal Career History Timeline

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Assignment 3: Personal Career History Timeline

Assignment 3: Personal Career History Timeline


Holland's theory of vocational guide is also known as Holland codes or Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC). This is a theory of career and vocational choice, which is based on the type of personality. This theory is based on its developer, John L. Holland. Each letter of (RIASEC) stands for a particular type such as Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. As a matter of fact, the research indicates that personalities look for and flourish in career environments where they fit. Furthermore, Holland, according to this theory, suggests that people can be grouped based on one of its six types. This six category scheme is aimed as there are only six types of people in the world. However, within this model, there can be a combination of different types and could be around 720 different personality types. All in all, this theory of career and vocational choice is a kind of new dimension which gives an enhanced direction to one's career (Zunker, 2012). I started my career back in 1993 as a cosmetologist. However, with the passage of time, I have been involved in different kinds of work ranging from cosmetology and mental health. However, the concept of this theory is can be applied with that of my career history because there are certain categories which does support my career field. By doing so, this model can amply applied to my life in terms of the choice of career and further success within it. The implication of this model is very relevant in my personal as well as professional life.

Overview of theory

According to the John Holland's theory, there are six types of vocational personalities in total. However, these kinds of personalities can be better predisposed to particular career choices. As a matter of fact, the fundamental hypothesis of Holland is that people will only gain success and satisfaction from their job which has the compatibility with their types of personalities (Nicodemus, 2012). Theory of vocational choice is a way of expressing personality skills with that of career choice. Primarily there are six personality types, which are following with a brief description:

Realistic: These people are more prone to outdoor activities and tend to like activities more which require great coordination and strength. They are, however; does not like socializing activities.

Investigative: Such kind of people ...