Backgroud of the Topic Assessment

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Background of Topic and Measurement Model

Background of Topic and Measurement Model


The aim and objective of this assignment is to discuss and analyze Background of Topic and Measurement Model of Using Computer Technologies in Assessment.


Assessment involves taking samples of behavior in a given time, and to assess the significance of these behaviors. Thus, the assumption of the assessment, it provides a representative sample of human behavior evaluation. Depending on the type of sample taken, will draw conclusions about those achievements, capabilities, skills, intelligence, attitude and motivation. All forms of evaluation to assess the current state of the person.

Backgroud of the Topic

Assessment can be defined as a process involved in student learning "which may be followed by every educational curriculum" Plomba and Banta (1999). Hence allows reviewand reflection of students educational practices in a more organized manner, providing students with an environment where they would be continually learning and improving. Assessment revolves around all the activities that teachers use to make students learn these activities consists of formal and informal feedback through teacher and peer interaction e.g. teachers comments or other self assessment systems, opportunities to practice skills taught in class through live term assignments and projects. The assessment, process starts from the very beginning of a student's educational life cycle, beginning with the admission test where assessment provides information that what a student already knows and can do. This helps an instructor decide what needs to betaught and revised in class and allocate class material and lectures accordingly.

Purposes of Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment has many purposes, but the most relevant objective of it is to develop the student's learning and development by stimulating learning and improvising, rather than only to allocate grade to a student's performance. This is achieved through continuous improvement in the learning process through regular feedback, revision of curriculum and creating opportunities for learning through word reports and projects. It can also be used for selecting students for a selected program in a university or a job position. Then there is certification where assessment maybe required certifying that a student has achieved a desired level.

Formative Assessment

This "kind" of assessment may be used to improve student learning at the earlier stage of a student life cycle. It provides formal or informal feedback to learners to improvise on their ongoing training procedures. Hence all activities designed to illicit or stimulate learning and increase student understanding and feedback giving an indication of student progress may comprise of formative assessment. Examples of formative assessment include performance based assessment or classroom based assessment.

Summative Assessment

It gives a complete report on what the learners have achieved, whether this be a grade or a written assessment. The term summative it denotes a summarized version of assessment indicating an overall performance of student's flaws, areas of growth and suggestions that could help overcome these lacking. The purpose of summative assessment is to examine an estimate of student's achievement at the end of a semester. These are taken in the form of final examinations, ...