Balance Sheet

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Balance sheet

Balance sheet

Los Lobos

Balance Sheet

For the Year 2006-2007







Short term Assets



Short term Liabilities






Trade accounts payable



Accounts receivable



Income taxes payable



Allowance for doubtful accounts



Deferred income taxes






8% callable bonds payable



Property, plant, & equipment






Accumulated depreciation



Stock Holder's Equity






Unamortized bond discount






Common stock






Additional paid-in capital






Retained earnings









Total Assets



Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity



Balance Sheet - this statement of assets and liabilities the company denominated in monetary units, it shows the assets (assets of an enterprise) and liabilities (sources of funding); figures are estimates and not the facts in the strict scientific sense.

•Liabilities show how much money the company received and from where.

•Assets reflect how the company used the money he received.

•Total assets must always equal total liabilities to creditors and shareholders.

In any balance sheet, it should indicate the business name and date to which the indicators.

Balance Sheet - this is one of the financial statements of the company, which must be supplemented by:

a) Income statement;

b) Report on sources and uses of funds (statement of cash resources);

c) notes to financial statements;

d) The conclusion of the external auditor.

•The balance sheet may look quite complicated, but in essence, it is simply a report on the enterprise.

•Most businesses prepare reports at regular intervals to reflect it in what they have and what they should have?

Balance Sheet - this is a report that the company is and what should be a specific date.

The property, owned by the company, called the Assets. Various sums of money that an enterprise should are called obligations. Buildings and production equipment - are assets. Assets include land, buildings, industrial equipment, vehicles, fixtures, and appliances and everything else owns what company and what can be measured in monetary terms.

Stocks of raw materials (finished products) - the property that belongs to the enterprise and can be evaluated in monetary terms and is classified as an asset. Now, to purchase the assets the company should get money from various sources, for example, it can take a loan from the finance company or bank. Then the company will be money.

The money that the company owes is called obligations.

Along with the bank and other loans, many companies have large amounts of money (for them necessary) from their shareholders. The company's shareholders, as a rule, subscribe to the shares or provide for the use of money for a period of the company.

These funds - equity, they are prepared ...
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