Balancing Environment And Economy

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Balancing Environment and Economy

Balancing Environment and Economy


Getting the right balance is the most important thing that as far as environmentalists is concerned. They have to look for energy resources that are viable, that are efficient but also they have to make sure that these energy resources are sustainable as well. Thus sustainable energy resources are one of the more important things that are needed to be looked at, but getting this right balance is easier said than done. The article that will be reviewed by me is “Balancing environment and economy”, the article was published in Santa Maria times on September 1st 2013. The article brings into fore an interesting thought that economic production that is not helping with the environmental issues is not really something that is needed to be continued. The article talks about that whenever any economic decisions are needed to be made; most important thing is that the eventual costs and benefits are needed to be evaluated. Article specifically talks about oil production that is being carried out in the shores of Santa Barbara.


The article talks about the importance of oil in the economic production and produces a point of view that oil production is the most important component of the economic production. The oil imports of California are large part of its total export bill and millions of barrels of oil each day come into the shores of California (Park et al, 2013). The large part of it comes from Middle East. The article quite abruptly changes focus sometimes and talks about the military expenditures of United States. The author is of the point of view that curtailing these imports are necessary and this huge expenditure can be cut down and it can be spend on the propagation of the local economy.

Oil has ...
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