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Banco Santander Bank

Banco Santander Bank


The company that has been selected for the business analysis is Banco Santander Bank. Banco Santanderis one of the largest Bank in U.K and has operations in several countries. The eight components that will comprise of a business analysis are Pestle Analysis, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, Strategic Groups, Critical Success Factors, Financial Analysis, SWOT Matrix, BCG Matrix and RBV Analysis. All these components are going to prove as a useful tool for an effective business analysis of Banco Santander.

Banco Santander PESTEL Analysis

The natural surroundings we reside in be capable of to be very unpredictable. All associations have its advised interior flaws and power; however the out-of-doors globe will furthermore have a foremost influence on the company's upcoming opportunities. The PEST analysis is well liked Banking and trading administration device and procedure of analyzing the numerous distinct external components influencing an organization. (Barney, 1996)

Legal or the Political Aspects

A part will not be adept to gain achievement, good status and believe if it will not address lawful and political part as part of their strategy. For Santander, political and lawful parts encompass the desires of the part to pursue the granted principles and guidelines of the government in alignment to be advised as lawful and authorized enterprise sector. In this kind, for instance, UK Banking Sector should be adept to address political and lawful facets so as to display that they worth the principles and guidelines of the government in any of the enterprise operations.

Levy policy

paid work laws

Political stability

Ecological regulations

Trade and tariff restrictions

Economic Aspects

It is significant that a certain part should furthermore give sufficient vigilance to its financial stability to Santander. The financial aim of certain commerce is like an axis in which other objectives or goals are revolving. The financial component engages the context in which commerce pertains, i.e. the configuration of the affray in which a part functions the hardworking demand of the goods, general financial status of the territory or district, situation in relative with other commerce, and the position of the asset markets.

Financial steadiness

Financial growth

Concern rates

Inflation rates

Exchange rates

Socio-Cultural Sector

Society and heritage is also a significant component that should be granted focus by any enterprise, expressly those who are functioning in the international arena like Santander. It is significant that the part should function in compliance with the communal schemes in alignment to gain good status and productive public image. On the other hand, heritage facets are identically absolutely crucial, in alignment to realize the diverse desires of distinct persons that pertains to distinct cultures.

Community development rate

Age distribution

Vocation attitudes

Customer behavior

Belief and heritage itself

Technological Aspects

The complexities of accomplishing enterprise achievement through expanded effectiveness and competitiveness, blended with innovative submissions of up to date expertise, has intensified the perception of both expertise and enterprise managers in the direction of tactics that are required for the management use.


-Compliance with Investment Laws (1)

-Political Unrest everywhere (2)

-Efforts for Turkey to be an EU nation (3)

-Taxation Policies (4)


-Drastic Fall in Euro over last year (5)

-Economic ...
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