Banqueting Management

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Introduction to Banqueting Management

Introduction to Banqueting Management

1. Introduction

Banqueting s have been around for centuries, and its nature has not changed over time. The Banqueting s are viewed as the core part of the culture. The Banqueting s can be festivals, business convention Banqueting s such as social gatherings, weddings etc.Banqueting s are extremely popular these days as people are involved in leisure and fun activities. These include federal, education Banqueting s, entertainment and cultural Banqueting s. Banqueting s are also part of the marketing strategy and business purpose which involves trade exhibitions, fairs and promotions. In short, Banqueting can be defined as the involvement and participation of the group of people to attend corporate goals and objectives.

Banqueting planning is the process of planning of special Banqueting s such as Christmas, wedding, antique show, fashion show and auto shows etc. The role of the Banqueting planner is to choose Banqueting destination, its layout and design, researches, arranging food and beverages and entertainment. The elements involved in a successful Banqueting planning include planning, organizing and implementation. Banqueting planning involves a lot of work, and it is very time consuming. Banqueting management comprises of a team involved in he managements, logistics, evaluation and staging of the Banqueting.

Its task is to not only develop the Banqueting but also the Banqueting has to recognize for future as well. The impact an Banqueting can have on various sectors must be taken into account. The impact can be on the society, culture, economy and environment. An Banqueting in order to achieve success has its own goals, mission, policies and structure. A special occasion such as a wedding or any other significant Banqueting held once in a life time should be perfect and memorable. So in order for that Banqueting to be perfect a clear statement of vision, mission and purpose should be set.

2. History of the Banqueting s industry:

Banqueting s have been originated since ancient history. Banqueting s existed in the majority of countries during pre-historic times and play a vital role in the Human society. Banqueting s are performances, festivals and acts and serve an important function for the society. It provides the participants to share their culture, identities and celebrations with each other. The root of Banqueting s comes from the historical and cultural values. Banqueting s and the ceremonies played a vital role in the middle ages ensuring that people were entertained. At that time, there was no TV or internet for fun, people traditionally celebrated religious Banqueting s such as festivals, Eid, Christmas and Easter etc. In the eighteenth century, Kings used to organize Banqueting s to control the public.

The present Banqueting history is connected with the ancient times. There are few Banqueting s that make up religious festivals e.g. Romans used to travel to different countries to stay away from the harsh weather in Rome. In Ancient Greece, there were 200 days that were set for celebrations and Banqueting ...