Basic Principles Of Kingdom Of God By Jesus name Of Institution

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Basic Principles of Kingdom of God by Jesus

Basic Principles of Kingdom of God by Jesus


The importance of Law had remained there in both the Judaism and the Christianity. Both the religions believed that the Law is Divine. Jesus has explained that how this Kingdom of God has established new standards of law, which actually supports to fulfill the law. This is what Jesus forcefully stated that he had not come to abolish the law, but had actually come to fulfill it (Bible, Matthew, 5:17-18).

These requirements of the new Kingdom of God make believers to examine their own hearts. This internal examination may seem a heavy burden but this is the first step towards the cleaning of all wrong and unadvisable behaviors. It is the initial march towards what we call self reconciliation, which makes the person to realize his own deeds and weigh them in the light of the ethical teachings. This inner correction makes the person to always select the righteous path and to perform deeds as per God's will (Hagner, 1998).


GOD Centered

The first principle of Kingdom of God actually specifies the vastness of his kingdom and the concept of God centered. Jesus defined that Kingdom of God is not a material kingdom which could be seen because it is the kingdom within you (Luke 17:20-21). It explains that human thought that his God lives behind skies is a less rational one because God lives inside the hearts of those who are cleaned which wrong habits and attitudes. We can only experience living in his kingdom when we in real terms submit ourselves to our God and allow him to be the only sovereign one. Once a person is able to find God so near to him then it would be easier for him to make God the center of every thing (Matthew 12:28). This is called a shift from the importance of “I” to “He”, which is a shift only possible when a person really feels God near him.

Fatherhood of GOD

The second major principle which Jesus had developed through his teaching is the fatherhood of God (Stein, 1935). He defined a new concept of relationship between the follower and the creator. He asked his followers to address God as a father in order to make the followers understand the depth of God and Follower relationship. This strong bond could make the human understand the purpose of his creation. Jesus talked about being sent by his father in order to fulfill a task (John 6:39).

Serving GOD

When a person has submitted himself to his God, then he is not the real owner of his life. His life is now owned by God, he is the only one whose will should be important to all the humans in spite of own will. Jesus emphasized several times that he seeks to do the Father's will and not his own.  (John 4:34, 5:30, 6:38). Jesus summarized that the will of God rests in serving neighbors and humanity (Luke ...
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