Basic Theology

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Basic Theology

Basic Theology

Review of the Book

The book presents the basic theology written in simple and easy to understand language. Dr. Charles Ryrie explains the basic doctrines within the framework of the tenor of Scripture. It offers the full picture in easy to understand language, using great illustrations to help clarify the text, including a glossary to clarify the terms that are unfamiliar. The book gives us a firm understanding of these major biblical doctrines: God, Angels, Satan, Demons, Man, Sin, Jesus Christ, Salvation, The Holy Spirit Church, Future events.

The Christianity is perhaps the religion that has claimed more than the concept of theology. Some of its currents have developed a set of dogmas and doctrines, which led to many controversies.

The importance of theology in Christianity is partly explained by the expansive nature that religion had already at birth. Like all religious movements, Christianity crossed over its history more than a movement of thought which is joined, rejected, and influenced. In addition to the current religious diversities and their accompanying theologies, what is called traditionally “great heresies" as Gnosticism, were often summaries of pre-existing philosophical and Christianity. Thus, in this story of encounters between thought and Christianity, it may be noted, closer to us, the importance of it in the philosophy of Kierkegaard, who stands by itself on the border of theology, the ethics, of philosophy, thereby demonstrating the plasticity of the concept in Christian culture.

There is a belief, quite widespread, that theology is a discipline reserved for religious people. It is thought that their study is arid, of little practical value, or that contributes little to an active and intense spirituality. However, it is not true. Faith is nourished by the knowledge of the truth revealed by God through His Word, but their study is only successful when delving into ...
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