Bay Of Pigs Invasion

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Bay of Pigs Invasion

How did Eisenhower's and then Kennedy's focus on “plausible deniability” handicap and possibly set up the Bay of Pigs for failure from the start?


Warfare is a difficult business. Not only have countries around the world fallen prey to the problems and the situations that have been experienced in the long-run, but also have made way for the recurrent changes and the challenges that pave way for the assessment of the necessary outcomes altogether.

In the times of today, where technology has progressed immensely and that constant changes and improvements are being imposed onto this particular area, there are multiple ways and strategies that need to be observe. Ranging from the preparation of the opposing party to the kind of measures and techniques employed in the army are all of immense importance and significance which would then make way for progress.

Bay of Pigs

For the purpose of analyzing and comprehending the problems and the issues that are now associated with warfare, one classic case that has narrated precisely how strategies can sometimes backfire and cause massive, collateral damage was the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The invasion was proved unsuccessful on account of multiple factors, ranging from the preparation that had been done right up to the changes and the challenges that are now associated altogether. The plan was executed by a CIA backed group Brigade 2506 in the year 1961 to target and capture the state of Cuba.

Although the primary targets were set and plans had been put in place, the invasion, backed by the CIA planned came to a sad embarrassing conclusion, which made way for scrutiny and public investigation of the army man and served great disappointment on the part of the United States of America.

Eisenhower's approach for Bay of Pigs

In the midst of ...
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