Becoming An Advocate

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Becoming an advocate

Becoming an advocate

Discussion 1A: You as an Advocate

Characteristics of effective advocates

Advocacy is perhaps the face of leadership that presents the largest dilemma for early childhood professionals (Mahony, n.d). Effective advocates are optimistic, curious, visionary, and are able to communicate their ideas effectively to a large audience (Kieff, 2009). These characteristics are immensely important for advocates working for the education of young children.

Advocates should be optimistic as they need to bring a change in the existing system of education. They need to work for uplifting the society which requires a positive belief, as well as, a vision or focus on the long term goals for the future. Advocates should be curious as it will help them to explore all aspects of the problem. They should also be good at communicating their ideas to a large audience as they need to persuade the families of young children.

Personal characteristics

I am an optimistic person who is curious to know the details of the problem, which needs to be resolved by exploring it from various perspectives. I have a long term vision for working for young children and bringing improvement in the education system. I set goals and then seek to achieve them by setting objectives. I have high patience to achieve my goals and have the stamina to wait to get results.

I intend to become more passionate about the problem by exploring all aspects that are necessary regarding the education of young children. I want to understand in greater detail, the aspects which could make me bring an improvement in the wellbeing of young children.

Critical skills essential with regard to succeeding in advocacy work

I believe that the most critical skills, which are needed to succeed in advocacy work, are communication skills, and belief systems. Communication skills help an individual to assert his thoughts in people who hear him, and help to make them understand what is in the mind of an individual . An absence of communication skills would make the public more prone to refuse the ideas presented by the advocate.

Having informed belief systems, is also an important skill, as it helps to foster an environment where an advocate can freely express his beliefs, and make others understand his opinions. It is also necessary as it helps to maintain respect among the people involved in discussion.

Specific skills required for reaching a higher level of competence

There are some characteristics which I need to develop to become an effective advocate. I need to learn how to take responsible risks. I need to improve the way of understanding the consequences which may be involved in actions to be taken, and learn how opportunities should be recognized.

I also need to improve my communication skills so that I can convey my ideas to others and persuade them to work for young children. Improving my communication will help me to express my views in a manner which will induce others to accept my opinions while making me understand their opinions, and seek answers to queries which ...