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Benchmark Assignment: Section One

Benchmark Assignment: Section One


This paper is aimed to describe the current state of the selected school in addition to the profile of the school. It will provide all of the relevant data and information as per required for the completion of this assignment. All of the data will be presented under headings in concordance with the provided rubric in the following paper.

Profile of School

Community Demographics

The selected school is located in an urban community i.e. a city. The demographics of this community is largely comprised of Hispanics. 90 percent of the total population in this community is of Hispanics and 5 percent population is comprised of Black people. The remaining 5 percent population consists of other races. The support structures of the community are 100 percent contributed by the administrators, teachers have 90 percent of their contribution in it, and parents' contribution is 45 percent in totality. The community is comprised of the lower income population; however, its development is in good progression. Moreover, the architectural condition of the whole community is above average.

Student Enrollment Demographics

The dropout rate of students in the school is 10 percent, which is notable. In addition, the gender based diversity among the students in this school is divided in the ratio of 65 percent male students and 35 percent females. Lastly, the ethnicity among enrolled students is largely dominated by Hispanic students.

Staffing Demographics

The staff of the school is significantly diverse regarding gender, ethnicity, positional diversity, educational diversity, and experience or tenure. This school has 70 percent female staff and remaining 30 percent are males. The ethnicity is diversified in which 40 percent of the staff is Hispanic, 30 percent is comprised of whites, 20 percent staff is of blacks, and remaining 10 percent are other minorities. The positional staff is comprised of 50 ...
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