Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Thesis Statement

No doubt, Electronic cigarettes are great innovation of this century and can be seen as a novel concept as well as a safe way of smoking without compromising health. Researchers have identified the potential growth of electronic cigarettes and claim that electronic cigarettes are a revolution in the tobacco industry and can be seen as a future of smoking. In fact, the electronic cigarette has multiple benefits as it is environment friendly, cost-effective and also not harmful for human health. It is important to know that electronic cigarette is used without flame and it also does not have any effects on the environment. In addition, electronic cigarettes consume less amount of money as they are cheaper than the conventional cigarettes and free from tobacco tax. Similarly, it has been seen that conventional cigarettes has sever effects on human health and may result in different lungs and heart diseases. However, the electronic cigarette has been recognized as an important tool to quit conventional cigarettes that have direct impacts on health. The most important aspect to consider is that electronic cigarette is free from harmful agents that cause cancer as it does not use number of heavy chemicals like conventional cigarettes.

Annotated Bibliography

Bell, K. & Keane, H. (2012). Nicotine control: E-cigarettes, smoking and addiction. International Journal of Drug Policy, Vol. 23(3).

This article revolves around the use of nicotine and focuses on the importance of electronic cigarettes. The article reveals that electronic cigarettes have received huge attention not only from the manufacturers but also from various health circles. In fact, this innovative cigarette also becomes popular among young people within a short span of time. It is also discussed in this article that the appearance of electronic has been encouraged due to its method safe of delivering nicotine to human body. In other words, the article explains the benefits and harms of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, the article also criticizes the role of World Health Organization (WHO) that has classified electronic cigarette as tobacco product despite the fact that it does not contain any tobacco. Researchers, in this article, mainly emphasize the control of nicotine through electronic cigarette as the artificial flavor brings significant reduction in the amount of nicotine while maintaining the pleasure for smokers. However, it is also noticeable in this article that taking nicotine through electronic cigarettes is also challenging for the distinction of good and bad nicotine.

Bullen, C., McRobbie, H., Thornley, S., Glover, M., Lin, R. & Laugesen, M. (2010). Effect of an electronic nicotine delivery device (e cigarette) on desire to smoke and withdrawal, user preferences and nicotine delivery: randomised cross-over trial. Tobacco Control, Vol. 19(2).

This article mainly focuses on the effects of electronic cigarettes in relation to human desire to quit or continue with smoking, personal preferences of people who smoke and usage of nicotine. Researchers use a cross over trial with 40 participants in the University's research center. All the participants were smokers who smoke at least 10 cigarettes in a day ...
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