Beverage Container Recycling

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Beverage Container Recycling

Beverage Container Recycling


This report will comprise of a communication plan for a communication program about beverage containers recycling legislation in Florida. The report will outline a plan which will include the audience of the program, the content of the program, the communication channels, the barriers to effective communication and the feedback mechanism.


Communication Planning

Communication planning can be defined as the art and science of reaching and communicating with the target audience using communication channels. The communication channels include public relations, advertising, one on one communication, sharing of experiences and many more. A communication plan decides what the intended audience of the program will be, as well as, what the content of the program will be. To make a communication program, the first thing that needs to be done is making a communication plan and then working in accordance with it. A communication plan is needed to serve as a guide for the efforts of sponsorship, as well as, deciding upon the content and the audience of the communication program (Chopra, 2009). A communication plan needs to be made before the actual beginning of the communication program. The needs of the audience needs also be planned in the communication planning phase. It is the planning phase of the communication program which identifies that what is the right message to be conveyed, what is the message, who is going to be the communicator, what is the channel that will be used for the communication of message, what will be the mechanism of feedback, who is going to be the receiver and the audience of the program and what is going to be the time frame of the program. The communication plan will address six basic elements of communication which are message, communication channel, communicator, time frame, audience or receiver and the mechanism for feedback. Questioning that precedes any communication strategy is as follows:

What: any product, service, action, what do we want to promote?

Why: what are the objectives? (Type of goals: awareness, image, behavior, information)

Who: Who the communication program targets?

How: what budget is allocated?

How: by what means - adapted to each target, and depending on the budget

When: according to what schedule (Dubinsky & Guffey, 2006)


The audience of this communication plan will be the voters who will vote for the decision of implementing the legislation of recycling the beverage containers in Florida. This communication program will target the voters and will tell them about the benefits of beverage container recycling to not only themselves, but also their community, their future generations and the environment that they live in. This communication plan will also tell them briefly about the process of recycling and that how will it be carried.


Recycling means any recovery operation in which the waste is transferred into products, materials or substances whether for the original purpose or for other purposes. It includes the reprocessing of organic material but does not include energy recovery and the reprocessing into materials that are intended for use as fuels or for backfilling (Guffey ...
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