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Bible in Context Task 3 Summative

Bible in Context Task 3 Summative

Major Themes of the Bible

The Bible has several major themes two of which are discussed below:

The Bible: The Word of God

There are two facts that show that the Bible if the word of God. Firstly, the Bible itself claims that it is the word of God. Secondly, the scriptures show that they were written by a supreme being; the greatest proof of which is that the prophecies that God will send is son became reality when Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins (

Although the Bible was written over a period of around 1500 years by about 40 writers, their work revolves around a focal point. There are no contradictions even though they wrote they work several years apart and never collaborated with each other. Despite the probability of such an event happening is extremely low, every writer wrote of the same theme and they all had a common believe. Such striking similarities can also be possible if God is involved in the writing of this book (

Early Years

The Bible took several years to be presented in the current form. During this time, as books were included in the scriptures, they were followed by the people particular the Israelites. The scriptures began with the torah that included the account of the lives of early human beings and the prophets and how they built their relationship with God. The Torah is the earliest account and provides a vivid description.

The revelation of the Ten Commandments was a turning point for the Israelites as it was considered the first and only law send directly from God. These were regarded as the central laws of their religion and everyone was bound to follow them. Being the word of God, the Commandments were highly respected along with the laws of Moses. These laws were followed till the time of Jesus and even during his crucifixion; the laws of Moses were still regarded as supreme although Jesus had denounced them.


The book of Psalms was written by various authors including David and Solomon. These psalms are an important part of the Jewish religion before the birth of Christ. They were considered to be the word of God from the very beginning. After the Torah, the psalms were widely cites as being instrumental in teaching the Israelites the way to worship God and giving them instructions on how to lead a prosperous life according to what God is asking them. Some people believe that the psalms were directly revealed to David because of his trust and sincerity towards God. This book not only taught people the way they should live their life but also brought them closer to accepting the fact that God is the only supreme being in the universe.

The Coming of Christ

Regarding the coming of Christ, there are several references in the Bible that were written hundreds of years before the event. For example, Micah 5:2 says that the ruler of Israel will ...