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Biblical Exegesis

Biblical Exegesis


The central image in the history of Israel, presented at the monumental menorah standing in front of the Knesset in Jerusalem, Ezekiel shows running from the shell blown by a field strewn with skeletons. This is an illustration to the vision described in the Book of Ezekiel (37, 1-14). All of periscopes composed of two parts. The first (lines 1-10) describes the valley of dry bones - this is the correct view, in the second part refers to the open graves, and this part is an explanation. The vision is a short story written in first person. It is the expression of the prophet of God in action. Ezekiel promises rebirth, but people lose hope and words of the prophet are their empty promises. The nation seems to be dead. In this situation, a new vision emphasizes that God can transform even the skeletons of the living army. Ezekiel's role is to pass the word of God, but life can give only the Spirit of God. The valley of vision is a battlefield, the result of the great massacre, because the bones are very many. It is an old battlefield, because the bones are dry. In the second line, the prophet is instructed that he visited around the valley filled with bones. There is a dialogue between God and the prophet. God asks whether the bones back to life. The prophet replies with a short: "O Lord God, you know." This dialogue shows that the recovery of bone is humanly impossible, but it all depends on the power and the will of God and the Prophet expressed his belief that in Ezekiel are always connected with expecting, but everything in God and trust Him in every situation (Seitz, 1992, pp. 53).

Prophet, which has remained so far in the human situation arisen powerless to defeat the fourth line, is set up to operate the power of God. Prophets is issued in the name of the Lord ordered back to life. The intervention of the prophet is a double. The first part of this action, we have distinguished four stages: the bones move closer together, there is tendons, builds the body, all covering the skin. The bones are turned into human bodies, but there is no life in them.

The prophet is again called to prophesy: ??"And he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel", but now I will speak to the people to proclaim him the work of God. As always, word of the prophet would be opposed to the thoughts of people: "Behold, they say: Our bones are dried up, our hope is gone, after us." When a nation has lost all hope, the prophet is to proclaim the future rebirth. Is to call the Spirit to come and blow (Hebrew ruach = spirit, it also means wind) over the slain. The words of the prophet ascends on (which is the life-giving element) in the dead bodies, and they come alive and create a great army (Tromp, 2007, pp. 61).

Ezekiel 37, 1-14

This extraordinary chapter complements the previous one by showing us this ...
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