Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton


William Jefferson Clinton renowned with the name of Bill Clinton is the former president of United States. Clinton was one of those lucky presidents who had won the second terms. His two consecutive presidencies had made him popular and had also given him chance to serve his nation with his remarkable strategies and hard work. In spite of various defamations and controversies Clinton is still considered as a president who has offered some really good times to his nations. His tenure of presidency is considered as one of the most peaceful and prosperous era of modern American history where nation was strengthened in a tremendous amount with positive economic trends (Maraniss, 2008). 

In this essay the whole journey of President Clinton will be pronounced. The discussion will start with an introduction to his early life, later on his political journey will be discussed in this paper. Furthermore, controversies and scandals of 42nd president of United States will be reviewed; right after that condition of US economy during his tenure of presidency will be discussed.


Early Life

Bill Clinton was born on August 19th, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. His father died three months before his birth and his mother left for nursing school soon after his birth. Clinton spends first four years of his childhood with his grandparents and later on he moved to Hot Springs in 1950s, this was when his mother was remarried. As stated by Maraniss, (2008), Clinton remembers his step father as a gambler and alcoholic who used to abuse his mother and half brother. In spite of all these hardships Clinton was a boy with good grade and bright future. He was a student leader, avid reader, and a musician as a young boy. He was married in 1975 to his only wife Hillary Rodham, who he met at Law school.

Political Journey

In year 1976, Bill Clinton was elected attorney general of Arkansas, and only in a span of two years he won the governorship. This made him the youngest governor of United States in 40 years. In the year 1992 Clinton was elected 42nd president of United States (

This was when Bill Clinton had defeated his competitors in the Democratic primaries to become the nominees of the party for presidency. Another reason behind the success was vulnerability faced by the Republican in election of 1992 due to their non compliance with their celebrated campaign promise of not raising tax rates. In spite of the troubled accusations on Clinton of draft dodging and rumors related to the marital infidelities, there was an effective by harping over the economic issues. Another important factor of his success was aid by a successful 3rd party campaign of Ross Perot. Ross Perot was the one who siphoned off a major part of Republican votes from the former President George H.W (Maraniss, 2008). 

The journey has so many ups and downs and Clinton had faced lots of criticism in his initial years due to failure of some important health program. At the same time ...
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