Biofuels As Primary Energy Souce: Myth Or Fact?

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Biofuels as Primary Energy Souce: Myth or fact?

Biofuels as Primary Energy Souce: Myth or fact?

Energy consumption of our world has been significantly increasing day by day and the major resource utilized for the production of energy. The utilization of fossil fuels is increasing regularly with the rising demands of energy and our world is currently facing two major issues from the exploitation of fossil fuels; firstly, the increase in the level of greenhouse gases thereby causing severe environmental effects and secondly the excessive consumption of fossil fuels have caused a major decline in the level of these resources. These factors have contributed to the a major shift in paradigm of energy production and the world is now shifting towards the renewable energy sources for decreasing the dependency on fossil fuels for energy production. Biofuel is among a major source of renewable energy and is being considered as replacement of fossil fuels but the major question associated with the consideration of biofuel as next energy source is whether the biofuels can fulfill the increasing global demands of energy?

The major sources of currently contibuting to fulfill the energy demads of our world are three fossil fuels namely natural gas, oil and coal. Biofuels represnt the next major source of energy after these three fossil fuels. Many studies predict that the utilization of renewable energy sources is unlikely to change dramtically over next few years.

In simplest terms, the combustion of wood for warmth and cooking purposes can be termed as a biofuel. Biofuels refers to the energy source derived from living materials, although the phenomenon sounds simple but the ways of deriving biofuels are so many, which makes things complicated. The wood, once the part of a tree is enriched in energy produced by the process of photosynthesis which refers to the consuming of ...