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The world is facing rapid changes in every field of technology. Techniques that were in use formerly are now becoming obsolete, and thus they need to be replaced by some new one. The new technology must incorporate features which can face and manage the current scenario of the world. Emerging technologies are better and enhanced so as to make them feasible and implementable. Although there are a number of challenges to be faced, but the development in science and technology in the recent past has opened new ways of coping up with these challenges efficiently and effectively. As a result, new technologies are successfully meeting up the essential challenges. (Savvides et al, 2010)

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Slotted ALOHA9

Ring Topology9

Feasibility Study for Implementation And Technical Specifications10


Extent Of Dependency10

Uniqueness Of The Biometric Feature10



Cost Of Deployment11

Failure to Capture Rate11

Template Storage Capacity11

Operations Plan12

Automatic Attendance Recording System12

Area Access Control12

Data Access Control13




With the passage of time, new and emerging technologies are on the up. Organizations are implementing new and advanced technologies in order to cope up with the rapidly changing world. Many technologies of the past are facing replacements by the emerging technologies, in all domains. In the modern world, technologies of the past are becoming obsolete and hence a need of adopting and implementing new technologies has arisen.

Like all other aspects an organization has to take care of, security is also a very important and crucial concern. As the time is advancing, security threats are also increasing at a rapid rate, thus demanding effective and timely countermeasures by an organization. Cases of forgery and fraud are taking place daily incorporating huge losses of money. Negative minded people and terrorists pose a great threat to any organization if they can gain unauthorized access to an organization's assets, whether be it their data or their assets. Organizations need to install high-performance and sophisticated security systems and devices to ensure the safety of their organization. (Ming & Ma, 2007)

The technologies of the past, which are now becoming obsolete, are not capable of managing and counteracting present day threats and conditions, since they were capable of operating in the scenarios of the past. Criminals and terrorists have, unfortunately, developed quite advanced and highly sophisticated techniques, which can easily deceive the now-obsolete security and safety systems of the past. Even some of the newly devised technologies are susceptible to deception from the above mentioned techniques.


Keeping in mind the preceding mentioned situation and conditions, it has become highly necessary to devise and deploy a technology that can meet up the present day challenges. One of such technologies that is highly sophisticated, robust and implemented in the modern world is biometrics.

Biometrics can be regarded as the most advanced and reliable technology that is currently in place. It is robust technology that incorporates features and capabilities to deal with the present day security concerns and scenarios. (Weaver, 2006)

Biometrics operates on the basis of recognizing a person by his/her biometric characteristics. It works by measuring and analyzing biological data, such as fingerprints, eye ...
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