Bi-Polar Depression

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Bi-Polar Depression

Bi-Polar Depression


Bipolar depression, formerly called "manic-depressive illness, is a disorder that causes phases of mania or elation and depression. The manic phase is characterized by the appearance of a period of mood elevation, abnormal, expansive and irritable, at least one week. The elevated mood is an extraordinary ability to enthuse an unbridled excitement. Irritability, anger manifests itself when those who surround the patient are not shown consistent with it. The elevation of mood is accompanied by increased self-esteem or grandiosity, decreased need for sleep, verbose speech, and flight of ideas, distractibility, agitation, and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that jeopardize their lives.


In this research the depression levels of Bi-Polar Patients before and after LSR 53. Methodology will be testing the effects of LSR 53, a new medication that affects depression in patients diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder by a licensed Psychiatrist. There is one sample of 20 participants and give each participant (patient) a pre-test for depression. Following the pre-test, each patient will start a six week trial of LSR 53, a new depression medication, in accordance with the Psychiatrist's instructions.


The numbers in the Pre-test column are the results of the Bi-Polar Depression Survey before LSR 53 was taken. The numbers in the Post Test column are the results of the survey after LSR 53 was taken. Higher numbers indicate greater depression levels. Max score is 100. According to the " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), produced by the American Psychiatric Association, bipolar depression is identified by the interaction of one or more manic or mixed episodes interrupted by periods of depression . In addition, the association suggests that each of the extremes experienced by the patient with bipolar depression can be prevented by warning signs.


Following the six week trial, each patient will take a post test for ...
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