Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder


Psychological disorders divide into several types according to the abnormality level of the patient and severity of the disorder. The most common type of Psychological disorders is depression while other types include bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Hypochondriasis, Delirium, and many other types. There are many factors that affect the psychological disorder which includes the impact of culture, the impact of family and its behavior with patient as well as it also includes the impact of society on patient. These factors can also be considered as the root causes of the Psychological disorders. The symptoms and severity also depends on the type of disorder and its level of seriousness. Treatment of psychological disorder is not simple in many cases. It requires time and must be start after identifying the type of psychological disorder.

Bipolar Disorder


Generally psychological disorders are considered as the loss of contact of the patient having this type of disorder with reality of the environment and with the real world. Mostly psychological disorder creates an illusion for the patient that is not visible to other peoples because it is actually not present in the real world. The model of biological field used by professionals to treat this type of disorders in the patients explains such type of abnormal behavior as biological changes in the structural, genetic or chemical systems of the human body. According to medical professionals and psychological doctors these types of disorders occurred in the peoples are due to the disturbance in balance between the chemicals present in the mind and mostly caused due to chemical and structural damage that may occur in patients mind due to any reason.


Psychological disorders

Psychological disorders are characterized by abnormalities of mind or dysfunction of an individual. It is also depends upon how the person interact with the people and its surroundings, its emotions and his mental functioning. Psychological disorders is mostly found in peoples who are in depression, lives in conditions that are full of stress, doing jobs based on the stress or tension of something, or having stress due to past experiences occurred in person life, or most important those peoples who involved in drug activities and try to leave their habit of taking drugs (Brown, 1995, P 45-52).

Psychological disorders make patients angry and hopeless. Some type of psychological disorders also creates anxiety in the effected peoples. The level of anxiety is high mostly in that cases when the patients is involves in drug activities or in activities that is harmful for his own body, and then suddenly this patient try to leave this bad habit. In this case patients get anxiety which is very severe as compared to anxiety in normal diseases. Sometimes those persons who involved in harmful activities and try to get rid of that activity then it is very difficult for them, so many peoples lose their hope and try to attempt suicide.

Those peoples who find themselves affected from these types of disorders should have tried to live in a community of peoples where they can share their ...
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