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Executive Summary3


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Executive Summary:

Alliance Boots is a British chemical and healthcare company, and one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Europe. Alliance Boots company got its name from the merger of Boots the Chemists and Alliance UniChem to complete the merger on 31 July 2006. Before that was the name of the Group Boots Group plc. Strictly speaking, acquired Boots Group plc. Currently Alliance UniChem plc. The Group markets the brand boots, medical products, and owns the Alliance Pharmacy, a chemical company and wholesaler of pharmaceutical products with over 1000 sales transactions. It is planned to classify all business of the Group into the future under the brand name boots. Alliance Boots is the largest company in the UK that sells pharmaceutical products also has multiple stores in various countries in Europe. The company sells also the cosmetics brandSoltan, a leading sun care brand, and Almus, a leading brand of generic. Alliance Boots has more than 1,200 pharmacies in the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy, and therefore has the third largest pharmaceutical network in Europe.

By buying up shares of Andreae-Noris Zahn AG (ANZAG) the end of 2010, which is owned by Celesio, Sanacorp and Phoenix were before, Boots, the Alliance with about 82% of the shares the majority owner of the third-largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Germany.

Boots group aims to provide healthcare and beauty products to targeted business environments in, UK, France and other regions. This report hunts for details of the company's operations, offerings, coverage, financial ratios, income statement, balance sheet and other related issue.

The highlights of this report are the aimed at incomes, balance sheet, and other related ratios. The targeted entire scope and sales-revenue for the last two years of this form are offered in the following journal, and the benches offered subsequent in this report. These figures represent the key prospects available for Boots Company. These goals are attainable through a proactive approach to the candidacy of purchasers, teaming-up with expertise providers, and partnering with reputable localized and regional technology suppliers and channel partners to decrease competition, advance pricing, and decrease risks.

This analytical report is based on the facts and figures of past two years. Data resolve the dimensions and growth of the market and geographical segments, clientele desires, perception, and buying demeanor trends have been on the upswing, and are expected to extend in this tendency for the upcoming years.

The report starts with the introduction and background of the company, its different businesses, brands, the financial analysis of the company like income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement analysis. The analytical report ends with including remarks and recommendations for the company on the basis of some loopholes found in this analytical report.

Boots PLC


Boots is a global pharmacy-led fitness and beauty business which is present in more than twenty countries. The company was acquired by AB Acquisitions Limited in June ...
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