Briefing Of Nurse Regarding The Use Of Technology

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Briefing of Nurse regarding the Use of Technology

Briefing of Nurse regarding the Use of Technology

In recent era we hear daily about the advancements in the field of technology. There are numerous benefits which it is providing almost in every field. As a human being it is our nature to explore more for the betterment. Similarly the health is a crucial topic in which almost everyone is interested, because the good health is the basic necessity and actually the basis of the progress as an individual as well as nationwide (Jha et al., 2009). If a person is physically and mentally healthy then he or she can contribute a lot in the progress and betterment for his or her country, and simultaneously for the development of all the people living all around the world. Information technology is playing a great role in almost every field (Wilson, 2009). This field is actually supporting all fields and helping them to become better and progressed. Information technology is providing great benefits especially the medical technology that can help to improve the quality of health a lot.

The new idea which I want to implement in health care setting is the inclusion of technology in medical scenario (Blumenthal, 2009). Its uses, new innovation and how it can help in future health management. Overall goal is to improve the healthcare setup by applying the information technology. The idea behind this procedure originate by analyzing and evaluating the wired hospitals effectiveness and how these hospitals are utilizing different technologies and data base system for the enhancement of their performance and for cost reduction. There are various researches that explored the in depth concept of WIRED (Workforce information reporting Engine Database) hospitals and its effectiveness.

In the light of participant's perspectives, the use of different information systems and technologies is more ...